1. Take a drop in your water bottle to assist in balancing your Ph levels. The oil is from the lemon rind and not the pulp, so there are no nasty acids, leaving your tooth enamel intact and not making your dentist angry.
  2. Add a few drops to a rag and wipe down your stainless steel for a vibrant shine that also has the benefit of antibacterial qualities and it smells divine. Add a few drops along with some OnGuard to a mop bucket for your floors, or make a spritzer for your benches.
  3. Living in a house full of stinky men, Lemon in the diffuser is my friend. It will neutralise smells as it cleanses the air for you.
  4. Put a drop of lemon on a spoon with some Manuka Honey and send it down the hatch when you feel a sore throat on its way. Alternatively, put a teaspoon of Manuka Honey and a drop of lemon in some hot water, stir and consume, for a comforting honey and lemon drink to support your immune system keep hose unwanted bacterias at bay.
  5. Add a drop to your smoothies, guacamole, hummus, stir fry, fish, dressings or icings or desserts.
  6. Remove glue or paint from your hands by adding a couple of drops to your palms and rub, rub, rub!!!
  7. Wash your fruit in a sink of water with a couple of drops of lemon. It will clean off the pesticides and smell great.
  8. Make a natural wood polish using Olive Oil and Lemon oil or Wild Orange oil.
  9. Because Lemon promotes a healthy respiratory function, make a diffuser blend from a couple of drops of Lemon, a couple of drops of Lavender and a couple of Peppermint for seasonal relief.
  10. Add a few drops of lemon and white vinegar to the rinse section of your dishwasher to get that glass wear sparkling and bacteria free.
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