1. I add a few drops (3-4) to my dirty/ stinky boys baths to get rid of those germs. It has wonderful antibacterial qualities so I know they come out clean.
  2. Rub it into your funky toes or athletes foot to clear things up and have you back to being a foot model. Don’t forget to use it on your feet if you have just used a communal shower too, like at the gym.
  3. Applied either neat or diluted, it will take that itch from mozzie bites, so in this Aussie climate, its a must have!
  4. Apply it to directly to razor cuts, scratches or gravel rash when they happen to fight nasty germs and support healing. A great one for mums handbag, in a ready made roller ready to go, or in ur kit bag for work for a quick hand sanitiser on the job.
  5. Mix a few drops with Fractionated Coconut Oil, for a nourishing moisturiser, you can add others like lavender, frankincense or geranium to give it an extra boost of oil love. Its cleansing to the skin and aids in blemish reduction.
  6. Spray your mattress with water and Tea Tree when you change the sheets.
  7. Give your immune function a boost and rub it into the bottoms of your feet or the feet of your loved ones. Give it an extra kick by adding a drop off onGuard too! Great to put under socks in winter!
  8. Put 10-12 drops into a large spray bottle and you have yourself a chemical free cleaner. It does the job of the commercial ones without the toxins.
  9. Make a spritzer with 6 drops of Tea Tree, 6 drops of Lavender and 6 drops of Rosemary. Spray it in your kids hair and not only will they smell delightful, but nasty head lice will avoid them like the plague. You can put a drop or two in your shampoo too and it will do the same thing and prevent dandruff.
  10. Mix Tee Tree, Lavender and Frankincense with some Fractionated Coconut Oil, and put it on bubba’s bum between changes to ease and prevent nappy rash.
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