1. Are you having a panic attack and finding it hard to breath? Are you feeling anxious? Put a drop in your palms and inhale the shit outta it!
  2. Drop some into a nasal inhaler in winter to take with you to keep your nose clear and free from congestion.
  3. Diffuse at nighttime to support the respiratory system when you have a cough or throat tickle. Place a little diluted under your nose to give it an extra boost when you really need it.
  4. Do you have asthma or suffer sinus or seasonal allergies? Diffuse this blend throughout the day and night whenever you need relief to support respiratory discomfort.
  5. Dilute and apply to your chest when your in need of respiratory support, just like mum used to do with other brands. Do the same on the bottoms of your feet before bed when needed.
  6. Put a couple of drops in a bowl of hot water, throw a towel over your head and take some deep breaths ‘old school style’ to clear out those airways.
  7. Are you carrying grief? Do you just need a good cry? Throw some Epsom Salts in the bottom of the shower and a few drops of Easy Air. Turn your water on, get on in and get that shit off your chest? Gotta love a good cry!
  8. Eucalyptus is in this blend and is well known to stimulate mental activity. Put a drop in your hands and inhale the shit outta it when your hitting the 3pm doze time or your on nightshift.
  9. Does your partner snore? Try rubbing this blend into his/her big toe and then dilute some and rub it on their chest before bedtime. “You’re Welcome”
  10. Sneak it onto the pillow of a loved one who is not open to diffusing and watch them rest well.
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