Please remember that Oregano is a HOT OIL and always requires heavy dilution for topical use. DO NOT put it near your ‘pink bits’ or any sensitive areas.

  1. Apply to warts and skin tags over a 10 day period to aid them disappearing. Remember to dilute it though.
  2. It is a great oil to support your respiratory function, so add it to your diffuser in winter with some EasyAir or combine the two oils with some Fractionated Coconut Oil and run it down your spine.
  3. Add a drop to your kitchen concoctions. I add a couple of drops it to my Spag Bol and soups and my family have no idea they are supporting their immune systems as they eat.
  4. Add a drop to some OnGuard and some Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage it into the feet of your littles ones during the winter months to fight off nasties and support that immune system.
  5. When standing at weekend sport in winter, add a couple of drops to your hands with Fractionated Coconut Oil and rub together. The heat will warm up your body.
  6. Make your kitchen benches sparkle and germ free with a couple of drops of Oregano mixed with some white vinegar. You could also add a drop or two to your OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate.
  7. Oregano is one of the trusted oils in the amazing OnGuard soft gels. I add a drop to some Manuka Honey in winter when I feel something on it’s way and its safe to give to the kids.
  8. Diffuse in the bedroom of your little ones when they are feeling unwell. Mix with Lemon or Wild Orange or OnGuard to make it smell a little less like spag bol.
  9. Put couple of drops in a capsule in winter with some OnGuard and Lemon when a Giant Boost is required.
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